Barbara Scott

Organisational Development (OD) Consultant

As an OD specialist, I am passionate about developing organisations and the people in them and helping with the transition through planned change. This may include working with individuals, teams and large systems.

I operate a "process consultant" model, which means that I work in close partnership with my clients to identify the issues and create solutions. I adopt this approach so as to ensure when I leave the client system; it is more capable of diagnosing and solving its own problems in the future. My aim is to foster independence, rather than creating dependency.

Whilst my knowledge and experience are grounded in theory, I am a practitioner with a proven track record in making a real beneficial impact on the organisations I work with. The characteristic I find irresistible about OD, is that by its nature, each client situation is fresh and unique. The complexities of working with the human and social element of an organisation will always present surprises, from the initial diagnostics through to realising the benefits of a change or transition programme, nevertheless the journey is both challenging and rewarding, not only for the client but for me.

My "toolbox" includes a wide-ranging experience of developing managers, strategic planning and leadership, behaviour and cultural change, engagement, organisational redesign, governance and accountability, complex cross sector working and extensive experience of delivering innovative sustainable change.